Welcome to your new beautiful website! 

Please find below some instructions which will help you manage your content and maintain your website. 


When you log in you can see a block at the bottom of the page with a button 'UPGRADE NOW'. Click on it to select a plan. I would recommend Personal plan which is $16 p/m if you pay monthly or $12 if you pay annually. That should be enough for a standard personal portfolio-type website. As soon as it's paid your website will be active. Congrats! 


You can always go to Settings and then to Billing & Account to view your billing plan and your invoices.





As I understand, you've already got a domain. All you need is to go to Settings and then to Domains. Click on 'Use a domain I own' and insert a domain address. Everything will be set up automatically, no further actions needed. 

In case you want to get a domain click on the button and simply choose one you like. Proceed with payment and you are all set (prices depend on extension popularity - f.ex. '.com', '.net'). 


As soon as you assign your domain to this website we can transfer ownership (I will perform this action). You are now a contributor with permissions - an 'Editor' - and should be a 'Website Owner'. I should become an 'Administrator' and have access to settings to perform my free support actions during the next month. In case you cannot see my name displayed in the section 'Contributors with permissions' please click on 'Invite contributor', choose 'administrator' level, and type my name - Darja Malogina - and my email address: darjamalogina@gmail.com


You can cancel my access any time you wish. You can also invite contributors by simply clicking on the first button in the section Permissions and typing someone's email address. 


* No one except a website owner can see billing details - Squarespace cares about security a lot. Also, no one except a website owner can access social media profiles which are assigned to a website. 


You can easily connect social media profiles to your website. All icons are already integrated. Just go to Settings and then to Connected Accounts, click 'Connect account' and choose among 40 different social medias. Login to your social media profile in a new window which will open automatically and voila! Icons will appear automatically below the list of pages and also on a cover page below the button 'Come in'. 


You can connect as many account as you wish and choose whether you want to display those icons or not. Click on a linked account (f.ex. 'Relativist.space@gmail.com on the image ->)     and remove a tick in the filed 'display icon'.


* I am now deleting links to my personal social media profiles which I used just to display you some icons. 


If you go to Pages you can see a list of pages in Main navigation (that is what's displayed on the left as menu) and a list of galleries and other pages in Not linked block. Use galleries in Not linked block to upload images to a certain gallery, don't upload directly to the pages listed in Main Navigation. 

But if you want to play with layout, go to those pages in Main Navigation. Click Edit to amend Page Content

When in the mode of Editing 'Page content' click Edit Gallery

In the new window go to 'Design' tab and select one of four layout types, set aspect ratio, decide whether you want to crop images to fit layout requirements or no, and choose a number of thumbnails per row. I would advise you to make a screenshot of settings before you start editing so that you could previous settings on file (in case you re-design the page and won't like it :) ). 


There is also a huge block of styling options but I would not advise you to change those because I turned on a developer mode which means only a professional should access this page. If you wish to amend logo, fonts, display options, mobile and tablet versions and other 'sensitive' design stuff please send me a request to do so or choose another professional. You cannot restore previous settings if you amend them once.


I hope you like your new website.

Enjoy using it to display your beautiful works! ☺